Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tube Time

It's mind-numbingly expensive these days.

to travel on the Tube.

It can be disorienting.  And a little vertiginous-making.

On the other hand is a good place for a snooze or catching up on your reading.  (Or both?)

To catch up on the world around you.  

It's a train, have I mentioned how much I love them?  It's the buoyancy....somehow.

I guess I just like GOING PLACES.  You????????


  1. I nearly croaked when I was in London and saw the prices! YIPES!!! You have to have a job JUST to afford to get to a job. :-) But yes, I love it too. So much. It's always an adventure and there's always something interesting to see. :-) GREAT photos. :-)

  2. Yep, the tube, the metro, the subway - all arteries pumping through cities. They are even a way to catch up on what's going on - brush up with others and stay in one's private world. That's the routine, but trains! That's another story. How I adore trains! How I understand your linked post. I'll never get tired of trains. Hey why didn't you take the Eurostar over here to say hello?!

  3. public transport, it's a different sort.