Saturday, October 12, 2013

Life is Sweet - In Chiswick

I used to live here.

(well not in that house, exactly, but the top flat of a similar one)

(Why can't someone make me one of these here in the U.S.?  Why not?)

It has always been cozy and green.

Colorful and flowery.

Perfect for walking.

With lots of nice pubs.

Gourmet and antiques shops.

(La Trompette on this street gets great reviews for years now but - sad face- I've never been)

Good restaurants with LOTS of pizza options too...

(Franco Manca - nice!)

Don't let me forget: great bookshops!  And did I mention......

antiques shops (The Old Cinema)?  And.....The Soho House.

Would I ever move back there?  IN A HEARTBEAT!!!!!  Ever been?  I recommend it.

How's the weekend so far?  (Yes, Chiswick is great place to spend a weekend.)


  1. I've never been there but it looks like just the sort of neighborhood I'd LOVE to be part of. :-)

  2. J'aime beaucoup les maisons anglaises, c'est tellement typique ! Je ne connais pas le quartier de Chiswick mais il me semble bien sympa. Je garde cette information dans un coin de ma tête ;)
    Bon dimanche et à bientôt.

  3. I have never been but looks incredibly gorgeous. xx Alecia

  4. no, honestly, i simply have not!
    why not, might i ask?
    thxs for the tip(s).