Thursday, March 13, 2014

For Your Spring - Winifred Nicholson

Sorry the quality of some of these reproductions is a bit


Had to share these beautiful paintings by Winifred Nicholson.

Recognized, but perhaps a little under appreciated, along with Gwen Johns

and Dora Carrington.  All English Modernist Female Painters.

This painter, Winifred Nicholson, is currently being featured in a show at Kettle's Yard

Cambridge, England then moving to the Dulwich Picture Gallery.  See more here.  And here.

I started a page at Avaaz to petition world leaders to do more to help Syrian civilians.  The link that I provided within this text got hacked so sincere apologies for any damage done if you tried to use it.  I'm going to disable it for the moment.  The link at the very bottom of this blog page remains clean.

For an alternative, you can also join Hugh Grant and Banksy, Senator Tim Kaine, Desmond Tutu, the Church of England among others if you are a Twitter user:  HERE to support efforts on behalf of the Syrian people.  It's been three years of chaos and suffering.  You'd want someone to do it for you.  Don't feel guilty or ashamed - you can help - just CLICK!



  1. These are lovely images, paradis, and it's so good of you to make this effort to help. xo

  2. Merci pour la découverte de ces peintres que je ne connaissais la fraîcheur de leurs peintures... et aussi de soutenir cette tragédie que vivent les syriens depuis 3 ans.
    Bon début de semaine