Thursday, July 31, 2014

July Has Been the Longest Month.

I have wanted my summer to look like this.

(via Ben Pentreath Inspiration)

Apparently it has been gorgeous in England.  I'm very nostalgic for it.

(via the NYTimes)

Less nostalgic for Battery Park City, NYC which used to yield blissful summer days.  Now overbuilt and a little glammed up for my tastes.

Newfoundland (via the NYTimes)

Had a summer holiday here once, making l-o-o-o-n-g walks.  I could do it again.

But this is what July has looked like, starting 7:30 every morning at my house.  I'm not really complaining.  (I just want it to be over.)

(via Augustin et Augustine)

Some have had a gilded summer.

(via Junkaholique)

I would have been happy with tide pools.

I did not post the pictures, though I felt an intense obligation to, of babies wrapped in blood-soaked shrouds in Gaza. Carolyn Cole has borne witness here via the LA Times.

We should not turn away.  (From Syria, Nigeria, Afghanistan, the Ukraine, Iraq, too.  It goes on and on.  Why?)  But we do.  We do.  We do.  Over and over again.  How can we make it stop?  Why can't we make it stop?  I have been hearing about the conflict in the Gaza Strip since I was a very young child.  You too?

Good bye July.  August, could you promise something better?  

Hope your July was.


  1. I share your agony over the horrors happening around the world. :-( So much sadness. I love the picture at the top, especially, so much warmth and peace and safety and growth.

  2. I share your agony too. Let August bring something better.