Sunday, August 17, 2014

My Dream Life Lately

Though my summer has been about things that are Urgent.  Important.  Necessary.  Useful.

A part of my brain still looks a whole lot like this.

I mean, when I'm able to dream.

Sleep has been fleeting lately.  Short spurts of it.  Not enough.

I need to rest.  To lose myself.

In someone else's landscape.  

After all that's what summer vacation is all about at least for me............What about yours?    

(pics: various tumblrs)


  1. It's my winter, but I too have been far too busy and scattered. I took this weekend to be quiet and nourishing to myself and it was bliss. Three days of no computers or phones, just lots of books, movies, naps, and rests. :-)

  2. Nice post!
    Love the two armchairs and the painting.