Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Holiday Highlights for a Happy Weekend

Something magical happened to the Paradis Family two weeks ago.

(Annecy, France)

It started two days before departure, when we learned, that accommodations we had booked and paid for in March for the Berner Oberland (Switzerland) were not actually going to be available!!!!!  

There was a little bit of drama, I have to admit. 

(Countryside just south of Annecy)

But sometimes, other things are just meant to be.

(a village "fleurit" called Chapeiry)

Like a lovely gite, and the French countryside just 40 minutes south of Geneva.  It was HEAVEN.  (Since this post is about highlights,  I will tell you more about it later.)

Our blissful week in the Haute Savoie was way way too short.and we were obliged to move swiftly on to London via Wagamama at Heathrow, Terminal 5.  (A too quick change of kidding!)

(Who needs Duty-Free shopping or airplane food and inflight dehydration?  I get my healthy comfort food pre-boarding and by the time they're handing out scones and clotted cream an hour before landing I'm not feeling stuffy and gross, but rather 100% ready to indulge!)

(Comptoir Libanais - conquering London these days)

It was all about a Jolly Olde visit with Mr. Paradis' family - an obligation I am rarely unhappy about.  (Well mostly never!)  

London is an ever-changing delight.  Inside......

and always, (changing not-so-much in the best ways):  OUT.

More soon. 

Have a Wonderful Weekend!


  1. Lovely view into your world - a pretty-wide reaching place!
    Thanks also for the interesting link to the Cloth House.

  2. that tree! i've not been to osterley park... n♥