Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas Shopping?

Still?  Or just getting started?

Can I offer some help?

I know I haven't been the most conspicuously Christmassy blogger this year.

I do apologize.  With a quite ill kitty, a brand-new kitty, and a jealous neglected Princess kitty

all at home requiring little pieces of Mommy, the holidays have not been at the top of the list.

Thank goodness no Advent Calendar and cookie baking required for kitties.....

Cloth House

and I am able to share these bits from my London and "Country Living Spring Fair" adventures of


earlier this year.  I did promise to give you these details then, didn't I?

Here were some of my favorites.  The lampshades below are on sale if you have a special

someone in mind.  And for the gardener in your family...if you're in the U.K.?

Something ALIVE is never wrong.

I did think these shoes were beautiful and sturdy and they sell colors you 

might never find in your neighborhood.

And speaking of not being from the neighborhood.....but also BEE-YOU-TI-FULL!

Remember this dress?

Mirella Bratova

She does have a shop in Totnes, Devon.

Classic English decorative textiles - like in the William Morris tradition?

Remember, Mr. Morris said, "Do not have anything in your home that you do not love"

Or something like that, that I could agree with - since I soooo love these pink and blue chairs.

For the Edwardian nostalgique in your life.......

Yes, I mean hats and lace collars and marcasite and jet beads.....and feathers!

Remember these darling sweaters?

More Liberty prints for those hopelessly besotted like moi-meme.

Contact: - (the website seems to be down)

Plaids and checks to give your loved one that windblown, heathery Christmas allure that makes people think that he or she has spent Christmas in Balmoral with the Queen!  (And Kate, or course.)

So, you know.....I think these all would make quite unique pressies for the ones you love.  Please also don't forget to check out my blogroll for Suzanne at Sakura Snow and Debi Van Zyl and Svea at Swig who have gorgeous cards and upcycled/knitted/witty-felted beasties in their shops for the holiday season.

Enjoy your shopping!  I'll be thinking of you!  HO HO HO!!!


  1. Ho.ho.ho... merci pour ces jolis liens... une belle balade qui donnent plein d'idée.. bonne soirée

  2. I am, much to my astonishment, finished all my shopping! :-) What a relief. :-) Happy Christmas, lovely!

  3. waw, hokolo!
    and the tiny sweaters, naturally.
    next year's early excitement, i'm all warmed up already... ;)))