Sunday, November 20, 2016

For the Moment, We Still Have the Beach - And It's Still Called Paradise Cove, Malibu

Despite the giant orange cloud looming over our Thanksgiving to come.....

And 2017.  We in California for now, at least, still have the beach.

The gulls and the pelicans, the long vistas....

the sun and mist and the hard bodies are all still here.

Foreign residents of Los Angeles, past and present, can still reunite with their families. 

And even in autumnal light

carefree relaxation may be indulged in by the masses.

(At least those masses who have cars, because Paradise Cove is a bit out of the way, shall we say, on Pacific Highway CA1)

 The restaurant is a cacophony of sounds, vintage photos, and piles of fishy American comfort food.

All the necessaries are provided for.

(Parking is free only if you spend about $25 at the restaurant, which will be very easy to do.  You can also park on the highway, above, and walk down.)

As you can imagine, in Mid-Summer, Paradise Cove is chock-a-block.

If you are a fan of 1970's TV shows, Paradise Cove will fulfill your celebrity trivia requirements.

It's riding a wave of feel-good California vibrations.  

(That didn't take long did it?  We just about managed to forget about Mr. Trump!  I guess we needed that!  I mean, I DID!)

How was your weekend?

 What are you cooking for 



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