Monday, February 6, 2017

Gertrude Street - Melbourne, Australia; It's All Happening Here

It may be the buzziest breakfast destination place

in all of Melbourne.

With its mix of glam and global vibes.

Wafty with it's whiffs of Olde Melbourne - 

from her Goldrush days, when she was the richest city in the world......

Gertrude St. has an arty bent.

and a fashion-ey flair.....

If you are looking for Australian fashion design

with a bloomingly nostalgic profile

or a blowsily romantic one....

a blocky-n-boyish allure.....or

full-on fantasy will find your heart's desire here.  It's very likely.

Bounded by Brunswick St. roughly to the West, and Smith St. to the East-ish

Gertrude Street's vibe is happy, adventurous, communitarian

and colorful.  Poised between sophistication and sincerity.

It has a particularly bright and approachable

flavor - a characteristic that Aussies are known for the world over, it seems.

(Spacecraft's uber-glammy, dressing alcove)

But it wants to remind you that Australians are also hip and able to leave home and soak in all

the very best the globe has to offer.  Then come home and fashion those influences into


This you will find on Gertrude Street.  

Within the Victorian shopfronts.

And along the shady sidewalks.

You'll be spoilt for choice for snug winebars 

and vest-pocket restaurants.

If noon is a little early to start with the vino....and you're feeling slightly

monstrous from too many Xmas parties already - like the Paradis family were....

If the lines are too long in the mid-summer heat for that breakfast......can we suggest that you tame the savage beast and simply treat yourself to a nice cup of COFFEE?

  Because the coffee in MELBOURNE IS THE VERY BEST.   And you'll want an excuse,

on Gertrude Street, to have a little sit and watch the world go by.  I promise you that!


  1. Ah, that looks like a good street for a leisurely wander. And it was nice to hear that you got to hook up with Sophie M in Brisbane!
    Hope you're surviving the Trumptastrophe so far :( Take care, sx

  2. Yes. Suzanne! It's a "destination" street. It's not just me saying it. What the pictures don't show is that it was unbelievably hot - like 38 centigrade that day and I did not drink coffee. I was in desperate need of the watermelon "agua fresca" that I had instead! L-O-V-E-L-Y catching up with Sophie. I'm besotted w/ OZ. Trump or no Trump. xo, xo ; )