Thursday, December 3, 2009

Au Petit Bonheur La Chance - One

OK deep breaths.  I'm trying this again.  The title of this post could be translated variously into English as:  Happy Accidents, Delirium of Great Good Luck, Serendipity. I had been inspired to post about some of the new blogs I've found in the past little while.  But some of the regulars on my blogroll came up with such great stuff this week that I really wanted to share.  So fingers crossed (why would I think this?) inviting these photos into my space WILL NOT this time result in bizarre spacings, font size pandemonium and other cyber nightmares.  

Amy at AlltheMountains here always comes up with great thoughtful stuff.  She doesn't need to talk, she let's the pictures speak for her.  These pieces attributed to Viscount Alexandre-Isadore Leroy de Barde reside at the Louvre. Do I really need to remind anyone about the perfection of Nature?  (vs. computers?)

from Fiona at Cafe Cartolina here

are these creepy little darlings.  I think I used to have a hard, shiny little "baby doll" once that looked like these girls. (So not cuddly!)  Couldn't you just see them wielding axes in some B-movie horror show?  Abacus calculating?  Huh! Tearing your throat out of your body more like! It must be those beady little eyes.  Anyway, great colors and yes, Fiona great wooly sweater on the teach!

Ellen at Anzu here shared this fabulous photo: 

Fredrik Hylten-Cavallius' 'Piet' indoor stove.  JEWELLY!!!!!  How classy would your front room look with this in it?!! Just watch out vacuuming through those legs when the fire is lit.  Otherwise no muss no fuss - this is not your mum's electric fire!

Suzanne at SakuraSnow here has been busy with greeting cards and screenprints all available at her etsy shop. What do I like best, her subtle photos or her subtle color choices?  These cutouts that she assembles and incorporates into her cards are very beautiful and exciting.

Finally, via Corine at HiddeninFrance here, and Vanessa at Fanciful Twist here,

 Travel 18

Corine shared photos this week from Vanessa's extensive posts of her own living and work spaces.  Corine did not post this one because, as Corine has already shared with us, she does not like BROWN!  And I agree with her most of the time.  But THIS is a way to use brown and to create so much atmosphere and excitement.  It looks Mexican, it looks Indian, it looks like La Maison du Chocolat if Robert Linxe had dropped acid!  It looks GOOOOOD to me.

So was it good for you too?  So much great stuff out there.  I love a treasure hunt - especially when it takes place on my front doorstep.  Thanks to ALL for letting me borrow your images!

Next TIME I'll post my NEW blog finds.  


  1. oooo these are SUCH goodies! that stove is TO DIE FOR. looks like something the ace hotel in palm springs would dig for the winter blues. what a fabulous treasure hunt, my dear!

    and i dig the pic of anthony bourdain avec hippie hair, and also the sweet post about jeanne-claude (you seemed to be the only person out there on the blogosphere who did).


  2. Oh my lord I am coveting that stove INTENSELY. Where on earth can I get my hands on one?

  3. Hi Ladies! Ellen at Anzu said when she posted that she didn't know yet where to get that stove but you know, many eyes are better than just two so whoever finds it first - you must let the rest of us know! Lily you're always a delight to hear from. Looks like you had way fun with your family over the holiday.

  4. For a minute I though tat gold thing was a fancy urinal.

    I do not like brown, it's true. But if it's wood or chocolate I make an exception.

  5. Corine! A urinal really! I had such different associations. Apparently you've lived too long in a house full of men! I was thinking more of Clockwork Orange meets Faberge at Mitzi Gaynor's house!

  6. hello! thanks for your visit. oh! and i love this post, i laughed so much! thanks. kenza
    pd: i agree with the gold urinal take!