Monday, December 14, 2009

Just What You Need - Another Small Furry Animal Post

So we are nothing if not egalitarian in our household.  And that extends to the blogosphere as you might have noticed by my recent equal opportunity BLOG-GUYS post.  

So today I ALSO bring to you............LA PRINCIPESSA.  Yes we do have another furry critter at our house.  Good news: This is the last small-furry-animal post.  Till I get that shiba-inu (which is a long-long-term project) this will be IT for quite a long time.  'Cause we've got our hands full!!!!  (You're welcome.)

We call her Dolly - which is actually short for her real name which comes from an exotic dark-haired beauty who does news reports on PBS.   (Whoever guesses, I will send you a candycane for Xmas.)  Since this year already, our Prince Mongol has had his day in the sun, this almost second week in December 2009, we are here to observe the culmination of three solid years of agony life with Mamzelle TROUBLE.

Who Moi, Mommy?

Yes.  She is.  A royal terror.

You can't tell?  Well she WAS, ONCE, and then.....after four long demoralizing months of grievously anti-social behavior which involved the housekeeper (yrs truly) draping all the furniture in the house with seventeen layers of highly absorbent material...and doing laundry five times a day...and praying she wouldn't discover the hardwood floor...

THERE WAS (LARGE GULP) - - - - - - -  UH....PROZAC.

I know.  I still don't believe it myself.  But if you had known me six months ago.........I was the walking embodiment of Stockholm syndrome.  And suicidal.





So this one WAS SO CUTE when we first met her.  She didn't want to sit and cuddle.  She wanted to roll around on her back and wiggle.  She didn't want to wrestle or play ball, she wanted to hurl herself the length of a room at the speed of light.  Leap tall buildings in a single bound.  (Nancy Spungen anyone?)

no really, Moi?

If she were an Orange County housewife, she would be Vicki, a big bossy blonde, always sticking her nose in other peoples' beeswax and telling 'em HOW THEY SHOULD LIKE IT!!!  LOOK!  SHE'S EVEN GOT HER NOSE IN THE CROCHET ELEPHANT'S BACKSIDE AND THE NEXT STOP WILL BE BB'S UP ON THE SOFA!

DON'T fall for the beguiling face and the hearts and flowers routine.  Isn't there something cold and calculating in her gaze?

And the prissy little "Missy-Knows-Best-Aren't-I-Nice-As-Pie?" crap!!!?  FUH-geddabout-it!

Don't even think about the "solid-wodge-of-cashmere" sensation when you try to pick her up.  This Miss is a Killer! 

(Thinking of lunch)

So buddy, if you're a bird, if you're a squirrel, if you're a cockroach, if you're a lizard.  If you're a ball of brown fluff made in China?   W-e-l-l!!!!!!!  You'd better watch out!

Cause this Miss IS GONNA GIT YOU!!!!



  1. you always make me smile! i love it! and thanks for your gentle comment and visit. it's wonderful as i read your blog in the morning and it cheers me up for the day, well that and petit caramel... many kisses, kenza

  2. Hi Kenza! So glad I can help you make a cheery start to your day! (I have to find ways to make myself laugh too!) p.s. FOR THE RECORD, it is MAMZELLE DOLLY who is on the Prozac and not ME. Despite my suicidal inclinations! Which seem to have subsided now. Bisous to you and Petit Caramel!!!!

  3. What a fun post, your kitty is so cute. It's strange how they want to go at the speed of light. My little grey cat did the same and we called her Poppet Rocket. Not so much now, she's too big!

  4. Cate - Thanks for stopping by! I cannot rule out my little one still doing that if it weren't for the drugs. I did not mention that one of my efforts to chill her out pre-drug remedy was to play with her twice a day for an HOUR each time. She was like the energizer bunny, she never stopped. She is either part Maine Coon or part Angora which I think has something to do with it but with rescue cats as she also is, you never know what sorts of chemicals they come into contact with before they come to you. I know you're working in this area where you are and good for you! Good luck with it all and come by again!

  5. Never underestimate a moggy.. that look says it all.
    You know what they say.. Dogs have owners..cats have staff!
    Thanks for stopping by and wishing you a wonderfully festive and fun filled season's greetings..