Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Los Angeles - Disney Concert Hall

I haven't been to the Guggenheim in Bilbao which I expect must be a 

very much larger structure.  And I don't know the interior of the Walt Disney Concert Hall intimately.

But I feel very lucky to be living close by to it.  The exterior is sleek and exciting in a very refined way.  At the rear is a nice little garden

with this blossom shaped picassiette fountain.  

This fountain's esthetic is so different from the actual structure either in or out.  But it's kind of fun, with nice textures to run your hands over.

The actual main concert hall is a veritable jewel box, one made by a traditional Japanese bamboo craftsman or wood worker for his prize cricket or favorite nightingale.  So sorry I don't have a picture.  Though I have been to a concert there.  The atmosphere is rarefied, and exquisitely intimate.  The acoustics are already famous.  They are everything you might expect.

Meanwhile how fun is this little recital hall?

So if you're coming to L.A., to visit this, don't just stand in front and get your picture taken.

Take the tour, have a walk all the way around, buy some tickets and get the full experience.  You won't regret it.  Here's the link to everything you need to know about it!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.


  1. Thanks for this amazing walk !

  2. Loved this MP....stunning image of rear with minimal lines and the fountain opening like a flower just lying in front of the building.
    Lovely angles...incredibly beautiful to view even form here!
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    S x

  3. YUM! Color and movement!!!

  4. Oh! this is absolutely amazing! (yes must be a bit like the Guggenheim in Bilbao). Truly stunning architecture and one can almost hear that piano. Thank you! And I love your previous post of course...
    (and thanks for the Tofu tip! I will follow that definitely!)

  5. Wow, Paradis!! I LOVE this! :-) What an amazing place. :-) You've captured it beautifully!

  6. Hi all - And guess what, I walked past it again today and took in even more and wonderful views that I didn't even share with you. It's a very cool building. Have to say L.A. has some really interesting architecture more of which I hope to share with you. Also found a great book today about it's more famous architects. If I manage to find it for a cheaper price I'll try to share parts of it too!

    Thanks all for stopping by! I won't respond to EACH comment this time, but nice to hear from you. STILL IN JURY DUTY!!!!!

  7. Knew Id read about the Museum of Everything somewhere... I found it so obscure to connect with thought...did you?
    Sorry to hear you are still occupied with the Jury duty MP....
    soon...hopefully your days will be back to normal...
    S x

  8. I made a special trip out to LA just to see the hall and hear the orchestra and organ. And none of them disappointed. It was a great weekend. The balance of the weekend we spent in the gardens at the Huntington.

  9. Wonderful pics of a beautiful building! I'd love to see it 'in the flesh' - having visited the Guggenheim in Bilbao (and being totally awestruck!) I'm sure it wouldn't disappoint. One of the things I particularly liked about the Bilbao building is how the whole building seems to shift, morph, transform in the changing light. It's like a living, breathing thing - wonderful!

    So glad to read (on your next post) that jury duty is finally over. Enjoy the nap, and see you when you've regrouped :)

    [P.S. Thanks so much for your recent comment on my blog. I left a response re: your 'animation' query over there]

  10. What an interesting building and I love all those colourful chairs inside :)

  11. What a great structure.