Thursday, August 12, 2010

Paradise in Plasticine - James May's Toy Stories

OK.  Just had to post this.  As part of my re-entry therapy, I've just watched James May's Episode Two about making a plasticine (Sculpey or Fimo to you?) garden for the Chelsea Garden Show.   You can find the whole of it on YouTube - just google James May's Toy Stories and look for Episode Two.  Someone has uploaded it in 6 Parts and there's actually more of it there than was shown on BBC America where it was a bit tightly edited.  (Ain't technology grand!)  

This will get you started:

Well hubby and I are pretty much in agreement this is our favorite "Toy Story", not only because it has "Paradise" in the title, but also because there are so many of our old haunts in it, from Liverpool St. Station that we went in and out of daily when we were working in the City, to a sequence shot at one of our local pubs from back when we lived in Chiswick. (Yup that's it!  Which has been much improved since our time there.  Closer to Christmas I'll post some pictures of it.)  And because they show Jane Asher's cake shop on Elystan Place, a neighborhood we know very well for all it's lovely shops, and services.  We've gone past Jane's shop a million times - and never EVER seen her in it! The whole series is in a "Best of British" vein, but this one makes everyone there seem very loveable.  Especially Joanna Lumley who you should know from AbFab.

I've been wanting to play with plasticine for awhile although I have some reservations about how "green" it really is. But this was very inspiring!  And James May!  Isn't he cute?  Also if you haven't seen it, check out the Lego House Episode which I posted about here earlier this summer.



  1. Hello there mlle paradis, this all sounds very interesting, I will have to check out the references on You tube, as whatever you've posted (video?) shows up as a red X ... meaning the problems with Internet Explorer 8 continue ...anyway, looking forward to learning about plasticine. Only know it from the lyrics to Lucy in the sky with Diamonds! Funny you mention Chiswick ... I've stayed there many times at a friends house, but this was many years ago ... Thanks for all the London info!

    Enjoy your 'rentrée' back to your quotidien!


  2. PS...the issue with the video is hopefully just limited to us few lucky ones ...hehe ;)

  3. >>>I watched a little of the U-tube vid....and ended up afterwards in a conversation with octogenarian who was happy to recall the joys of plasticene 70 odd years ago...
    hope your weekend is delicious downtime after you recent experiences...
    S x