Thursday, January 6, 2011

Do You Feel Another Weekend Coming On?

Where will you be when it arrives?


  1. I will be at home making happy memories with my amazing husband. Happy Friday, Hugs, Katherine

  2. Hello, just in case you don't check back at my place.... Good point about the Chi thing. I think that is super important what "kind" of energy we as artists put out there. Bad energy/ bad life...good energy/ good life. And it can be catching, like a bad disease, or a good mood. So, I agree. Don't worry about sounding out there. I'm out there too!

  3. Yes I do, and thank goodness...

    ...nesting at home, crossing a bridge, then catching a play at the Berkeley Rep. And how about you MP, dit moi?

  4. at home and in the snow ;)
    have a happy weekend!