Monday, January 31, 2011

To Go With the Pants

OK,  further to my post about the "Palazzo Pants"...... What about somewhere to hang

out in while wearing them?  Sometimes I have a fantasy of running away to live in a place like this.

To live on a top floor with windows always wide open.  Lots of loud music, latin or opera.  To smoke skinny cigars and wear floppy caftans.  Or bandana halter dresses and big gold ear hoops.  To write short stories of somewhat shocking tenor. To have a "salon"with odd people dropping by at odd hours.

Offering illicit substances, and exotic sweetmeats.  And none of us ever much desirous to leave the premises again...........

Have YOU ever actually lived such a life?  Me, no.  I was brought up to be a nice Chinese girl with sensible habits.  

I DID actually live in a very similar place once, architecturally.  But it was BROWN.  In a cold climate, where the driveway would accumulate ice in its ruts, and men with pickup trucks and cowboy hats would get stuck in them, and end up on the stairs.  The brown house had a sleeping balcony at the front.  And the front entry smelled like Grandma's house or more especially, like pancakes on a griddle.  At all hours of the day and night.

A previous tenant had left a tin of "Petit Beurre" cookies in a kitchen drawer.  With no cookies in it.

It was not quite this kind of place......

Not quite.  The Palazzo in Paradise.   For the strivers and divers.  And the people in the flow-ey pants.

(Oh yes I would sometimes, like to run away.  Would you?)


  1. Goodness you're a funny one! Yes, let's run away in palazzo pants, wear a Shiaparelli shoe hat on our heads, and pose like bad girls (which I have never been either). Where? We can start at that fab orange house with the green doors and hot pink bougainvilla.

  2. Amusantes ces maisons jumelles... Pour vivre plusieurs vies ?

  3. oh what a wonderful post... there are like ten different short stories here...:)

  4. ... and do the ones who live in the twin houses dress alike? too cool this post! (and thanks for your kind comments!)

  5. un style différent mais un ensemble ressemblant..
    et je vois une Mini aussi...

  6. Love this post- when we were visiting friends recently around Fairfax and 3rd I was admiring the houses similar to these- Yes I would love to live in one of them-
    So lovely to meet you!

  7. exotic sweetmeats? The last few posts have been exactly what I think of when California comes to mind. "Hollywood glamour". Living the dream. Great posts.

  8. You've hit the nail on the head with this post I think! Hoop earrings, cigarillos... I think there are some silk scarves in there somewhere, and maybe an Olivetti typewriter..

  9. What fabulous houses... no wonder you let your imagination float away Mlle P.
    I think the last one is the one I'd like to settle into for a little fantasy life getaway.
    Would you change your name... and what might that name be I wonder?