Friday, July 8, 2011

Nouvelle Decouverte - Bella Foster

I've finally had to admit it,  I've come down with something!  (Flu?)  How does that work, in the beginning of July?  Good news is, it's giving me a chance to have a wander around the web.  (Because I have been bad about visiting.)  And a chance to find new things.

She is a Brooklyn, NYC artist, in the vein of Matisse and the Nabis (Bonnard, Vuillard)  I like her loose style, her vivid colors, her Selby style (she does paintings of other peoples' spaces see here) bleeding into abstraction.  Check out her website here:  Bella Foster

Have a lovely, lazy summer weekend all!


  1. Very sorry to hear you've come down with something - I hope you feel much better very soon!
    The green glasses in this painting are beautiful - a wonderful quality of light and translucency.
    And a lovely, lazy summer weekend to you too :)

  2. hope you get well soon ... lovely painting :)

  3. just lovely MP .... what a find!
    get better hey!
    S x