Monday, July 11, 2011

Real Time

I have to get real and face up to the fact that I just need some time away from the computer!  I beat off the flu but so many little projects still preying on my mind/ambitions.  And come on, REALLY all of you lovely Euro bloggers on your vacations have me delirious with fantasy vacation distraction!

I'm going to take a couple of weeks off.   Thanks so much to everyone for your comments lately and welcome to the new followers.  So nice to have you.  There's plenty to see here, if you want to just click a label on the right.  I'll be back with some great stuff (I think)  I've been sitting on (for like months!) and we'll be having a new giveaway.  

So until then mi lindos y lindas......besos!  Bises.  Kisses.  And yes, kitties with tails in your faces!

p.s. - before I go make sure to check out Janis' new shop, Bird Cafe here for her lovely block printed bags, lavender sachets and table runners..........

And ...... this weekend we lost three PEOPLE of soul and substance.

Betty Ford  - who thought that Republicans and Democrats once knew how to work together to make life better for the people who elected them and thought it was a GOOD thing.  She's my homegirl from Michigan and she is going back there.  And she was very brave + real = cool.

Manuel Galban - video here; the music makes the hairs stand up on the back of neck, Cuban guitarist

Facundo Cabral - Argentinian folk singer and hero; "I am not from Here, I am not from There" (video) should be my theme song


  1. Thank you MP for the shout out - xo

    I have been watching all those Euro folk peel off on their month long vacations and wishing it were me as well! Good for you for doing the same - and you must take care of yourself too, those flu's are nasty. So take good care - hugs, besos, bises, et baci!

    Kitty (Rosie) quietly on the lap now :^)

  2. Tu n'as rien oublié ? ok, alors à très bientôt, après les vacances. Gros bisous, ma copine..

  3. Je te souhaite de très bonnes vacances...pleines de joie, de découverte et de repos...

  4. Enjoy your time out my dear!

  5. hi, take care!
    mine was a nasty one - like janis said

    hope you are well!

  6. What a wonderful picture of your wonderful furry friend. That (almost) British racing green is definitely the Mongol Prince's colour!
    Have a good break away from computers - you will be missed! Looking forward to seeing you on the flipside...

  7. and do enjoy your break-y. it is silly, really, how we hook ourselves up, no? i was just watching a delightful episod to simon hopkinson as the good cook (sorry, hyperlink didn't work), and it just got me thinking, why the rush and the quick, all of the time?
    what it has to do with food, i leave in the (tasteful) middle.
    anyway, this is me, waving, from parliament hill... ;)

  8. See you when you get back. Enjoy your break!

  9. salut

    Juste parfait ! Vraiment original, j'aime!!!!

    Vous fait un travail super!
    Je vous remercie de votre attention.
    Bonne continuation

  10. coucou miss paradis,merci de ta visite, je t'embrasse, béa.

  11. passes de bonnes vacances, tu nous raconteras, bisous,béa

  12. Have a nice time and be back healthy and happy! ;o)
    See u soon!

  13. smart idea my friend...falling alseep at the computer at the moment...!
    enjoy some space for other things.. go well.
    S x