Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Blighty Beauty

It's true.  I ran away to England last week.

In search of spring.

Instead I found winter.  (OK, g-l-i-m-p-s-e-s of spring.)  But mostly snow blowing sideways.  Brrrrrrr.

London was, nonetheless exceedingly beautiful.

In most of its forms.

I always find delightful surprises.

(It's a scarf!)

The talk was of triple-dips,  Russians run riot......, protecting press freedoms (or not) but mostly yes, I found.  That London is OPEN FOR BUSINESS.  Here's just a peek at it all for you.  Till I get my feet more firmly on the ground.  I was ten days away.....it went so very fast!

Nice to be back though.  More on that soon, too.


  1. Happy spring MP, and welcome back even though I never knew you were gone. Oh, to travel like you do, what a dream!

  2. Merci pour cette jolie série de photos... et pour moi aussi, une envie de verdure car le printemps ce fait attendre... bonne journée

  3. Vu le temps qu'il fait à Paris, je me dis qu'à Londres l'hiver n'est pas encore terminé ! Mais c'est joli ;))

  4. looking forward to the more of this.

  5. not a bad place to run off to ... just love to flowers on the first pic. (forgot the english name)