Sunday, March 31, 2013

Oh Conran Shop, How D-o-o-o-o-o- I Love Thee?

Let me count the ways.

I love the way you've always shown me how Modern Neutral and Confident Color can play so well together.

How Comfort need not obviate Style.

How Austerity alongside Ornament needn't necessarily translate into.... Mutually Exclusive.

How Honesty need not necessarily rule out Artifice:  For more on how to fake-up encaustic tiles for your dining room, deck or kitchen, check out these links: here at the LA Times and at Jess' new house in New Jersey via The Eagle's Nest.  (Jess' kitchen floor turned out so great!  This is a great option if you're totally in love with this trend - like moi - but worried about how over-exposed it is and how quickly it will be so yesterday as soon as you've made your major investment in tiles and installation!  This Conran Shop version looks like it was made with 14x14 stenciled masonite tiles.)

I only wish it had been a sunnier day so that my photos had not come out with this yellowish cast and you could have seen how this elegant color scheme so sings!   So what projects of your own did you complete this past weekend?  Will you be sharing the details with us?


  1. Quel talent chez Coran, l'exercice est périlleux...
    les couleurs tellement nouvelles, les coordonnées tellement réussies,Merci pour cette découverte, belle journée à toi xoxo! béa

  2. J'adore tous ces motifs ! Les couleurs sont très belles aussi.

  3. LOVE this post MP... I'm pinning it you know where!