Sunday, August 18, 2013

Annie Koelle on Pinterest

She doesn't know me, or this blog

I'm probably older than her.

I don't know anything else about her, except that she might be a painter too.

But sometimes I think she and I must have been separated at birth.

Or else, as they say, it's just that GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE

I love almost everything she puts on her Pinterest site.  And I'm not even really a Pinterest-y person.  

I'm almost ready for fall again.  Are you?  Isn't the summer going quickly?


  1. i've been ready for fall the whole of the summer period. and seriously ready since last week, as i walked and looked and noticed leaves are turning a flaming red.
    oh yes.
    there's no stopping me, nor nature now...

  2. I love all the moss and shaped hedges. :-) They look so lush, green, and cool - a lovely place to sit in the Fall.