Sunday, August 11, 2013

Poetry of Material Things, Revisited

I will echo something that Gesbi from Le Style et La Matiere said:

"Why didn't I think of THAT name?"  ("for my blog")

It's o.k.

Whoever it is who deserves credit for this name, this Blog

and all the beautiful images gathered there.....

(bonus pic via "La Casita" since it so well fits this theme)

is welcome to play his/her role in the bio-diversity of our Blog-u-verse.  I don't need to do anything except enjoy and say:  thank you! for the delicious feeling of lightness and calm I get from visiting and being reminded of..........


  1. just fabulous images Mlle p!
    and the title... YES... the poetry of material things! Delightful!
    Ooh... that charming little pot with that adorable plant!

  2. soooooo dreamy.
    oh yes. poetry of matter. yes, please.
    thxs for the link.