Friday, November 13, 2015

A Week in Our Life

I just read the news about Paris.  This Friday night.

I hope you all are safe.

 (Fireworks at Guy Fawkes Day in Lewes, Sussex, UK also via the Guardian)

I always wonder why/how/whether I should even post under such circumstances.

These are beautiful images

which arrived on my doorstep

in a way of speaking.

Somehow they all seem linked - aside from all ending up on my computer last week.

 (Anonymous marches, Guardian again, this and below)

Faces.  Places. Voices.  Facades. Masks.  Expression.

We humans have so much power - in groups.

 (Jenny Lewis' photo of Paul Reynolds, curator via Spitalfields Life)

And as individuals.

 (This and the following two pictures, Steve McCurry)

And yet.

There can be so much loneliness.  As much when we're together.

As when we're apart.

There are days when it seems that the storm clouds have gathered and will refuse to ever clear.  For some of us this is not hypothetical.  It is our present.  Our reality.  Can any of us be certain of our safety?  When we don't feel safe that is also when we feel most alone.

I wish you all the very best this weekend.  I grieve for you Paris.  And I grieve for all the ideas/truths that you represent:

Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite

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  1. There's the dilemma - do we speak - can we not speak?
    You have been eloquent in words and pictures.