Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Beverly Blvd - Part Three - Heath Ceramics

So do you know Heath Ceramics?  It's kind of an American mid-century icon in the way of tableware.  It has a sleek California aesthetic with a whiff of the woods and the ocean.  There are three locations, the actual factory in Sausalito - one of the few ceramic tableware factories remaining in operation in 21st century America, a shop in the Ferry Terminal building in San Francisco (a lovely place - who doesn't love the Ferry Terminal?!)  and a shop and studio here in Los Angeles.  It has a very open, simple, approachable vibe with a wide embrace of both the artistic and culinary community in America which you can find out more about at their very attractive blog.

Here, tucked into this L.A. landscape, neither quite urban nor suburban, but sunny relaxed and slightly rarefied by virtue of its very high quality, high concept retail neighbors close by (see my earlier Beverly Boulevard posts), is the L.A. shop and studio.  Yes, their closest neighbor sells pet supplies but as everyone knows, once you've got the dog, the next step is the wedding invitations and the registry!  

Here you can find a complete selection of Heath Ceramics for the aforementioned bridal registry or... to fill in or augment your existing collection whether from back when, or newly acquired, through felicitous inheritance or..... an impulse to make a statement about being more "grown up" .  And pick up a few odd other goodies, not necessarily bearing the Heath marque, but which blend harmoniously with their products in your home.

Do you love the blue tiles cladding their exterior?  I DO!  Yes the tiles would be my personal weakness. And yes you can buy them in the shop too.

Inside, one of the cleaner, yes, let's say virtually "pristine" ceramics environments I've ever experienced.  Airy, bright. Spare.  The better to appreciate the clarity of forms and glaze choices.  Welcoming, cordial sales help.

Do you like the two tone inside/outside thing going on?  Do you like the perfectly uniform matte surface?  And why not?

The turquoise and yellow is Heath Ceramics' very newest range.  These could be my very favorite colors!  I don't need a new set of dishes but maybe if I bought a cabin by the sea...... it would need a whole new table arrangement to see summer dinners served upon!  ............A person can dream....

At the back is the "bespoke" studio of Heath's ceramist in residence, Adam Silverman, who is behind Heath's custom ceramics service which you can read more about on their website.  I love the red enameled carts.  (Has anyone noticed that rolling carts have now appeared in three of my posts in A WEEK?!  Thinking I loves me some - what is that?)  But back to Adam.......seeing where artists are actually doing all the creative work is always very exciting isn't it?  You feel you are witness to the birth of something very special.  And you are!

I am totally embarassed that I did not note down the name of the female (and I'm thinking a fairly well-recognized Scandinavian - can anyone i.d. this work?) artist whose lacy pieces are shown here.  And tsk tsk Heath Ceramics, I've scoured your site and blog and no mention of who this artist is and in what capacity!  I think it's very cool and Californian that they make room and display space for artists whose work does not necessarily strictly conform to Heath's particular style.  I have a feeling in NYC they would be a little more dogmatic about "identity"...."defining philosophy" a la MOMA and all that.....

Heath Ceramics: LOVE it!  It's like tapping directly in recent American artistic history.  I'm not sure that that is specifically what they are trying to sell you but it's a successfully hip, but reassuring, and satisfying  "lifestyle"product. Now I just need that summer (tree) house!

p.s.   for any of you who haven't already been to Sophie's website, want to participate in a bloggers' postcard show? Link to Sophie Munn's and send her a postcard pronto with your interpretation of an "Homage to the Seed".  This could be really great!  Check it out!


  1. You're the best MP...thank you! There's been really interested response.

    I must say I would happily have some of these wonderful ceramics in my kitchen...i like their livability and yet they have style...could happily enjoy serving food in the bowls esp. and making salads!
    ps OMG...not long home from seeing Foodinc... 200 of us went as part of a network! Did you see this?

  2. Oooh, we were looking at Heath in SF. Our dream is to have a whole set of dinnerware in the kind of off-white.

  3. oh i would love to get my hands on some of those ceramics

  4. I love all the samples that you shared with us ... I wish I had more space to store more china and other "decoration of the table" items!

  5. i LOVE heath ceramics. If only I could afford to put them in my own home!