Sunday, June 27, 2010

Stupendous! James May's Toy Stories

Hi!  Hope everybody had a great weekend.  It was gorgeous here in L.A.  Here's another video for you.  For those of you who get BBC America, this is something to look forward to especially if you're someone who's never really grown up! James May - also known as the somewhat put-upon, scruffy, third man of the Top Gear (car show) crew had a series last year called "Toy Stories" in which he attempted (with help from a little bit of everywhere) to create on a grand scale, versions of favorite toys from his childhood.  So, record breaking slot-car race tracks threading through English towns and villages with obviously, speeding slot cars, giant model airplanes, and my favorite, a deliriously colorful Lego house in the middle of a vineyard.  Here's a clip:

The series will be broadcast on BBC America this summer. If you don't get BBC America,
get an invitation to a friend's house - you'll laugh, you'll cry.


  1. it's a really cool show isnt it?! i love james may - we're monster top gear fans in this house! jx

  2. Well...I loved the Lego slippers MP!
    I loved how big and goofy and bright they were and the way they crunched when they fell apart.
    Just wild about them...what a strange and wild house..
    I used to love playing with my younger brother's lego as a kid... so ... I am pretty enamored with this... as an idea at least!
    S x
    glad to hear you've been having gorgeous summer days... cool but very pleasant here... good working weather!

  3. How fun!!! I absolutely adore Lego and had such fun visiting Legoland in Denmark. :-)