Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Big Picture - Beaton and Hockney

OK sorry to be a terrible tease but I'm going to finish posting the Beverly Boulevard shopping series next week as there are so many pictures yet, I might have to break them up into several entries!  

Instead can I treat you to a photo and series that appeared in the English newspaper, the Guardian, recently. To get you in the mood for a light-hearted summer weekend.  I have to share, because of the greenery and the smiles, and despite the suits-socks-wristwatches-and-camera, that this photo reminds me just a little of the atmosphere off of Fire Island in New York on a summer weekend where and when it would not be unlikely to see, as you are putt-putting across the Long Island sound on the Ferry with your bicycle, your loved ones and your weekends supplies, another boat alongside CHOCK-A-BLOCK full of quite naked, carousing, insouciant, GAY MEN!!!!!!!

To paraphrase someone I loved very much, it takes ALL KINDS to make up a world.  And to each, his very own kind of PARADISE.  Certainly these two with their cheerful insouciance have each in their own artistic ways, over many years, created very special kinds of Paradise for all of us to share in.  (And if you don't know them already, you MUST GOOGLE!  You don't know what you are missing!)

Here's a link to the very witty series written by Peter Conrad:  The Big Picture.  Where you will also find links to other Big Pictures of other kinds and times.  And interesting and informed comment to go along with!  Cheers!


  1. Love your blog! Love the photo!
    Warm Regards from The Netherlands,

  2. Wonderfully said MP!
    a big wide world needs and big wide hearts and minds and people like you to post on it and make us glad of all the colour and variety on this globe!
    ciao bella,

  3. This is excellent! --hum... we'll think about the caramelita...

  4. Oh Mlle. P., what a perfect way to start the weekend! Hockney is an absolute FAVORITE; so much so that I went 250 miles out of my way after dropping some work off in Bakersfield to travel the Pear Blossom Highway in hopes of locating the exact vantage point of his polaroid montage.

    Cheers, Miss Silverlake! xo

  5. FABULOUS photo, Paradis! :-) Never heard of these chaps but they crack me up with their fabulous outfits and attitudes. Happiest of weekends to you! :-)

  6. Beaton and Hockney - such a great photo! Love, love the colours