Thursday, July 29, 2010

Paris - The Other Sighs of Paradise

I mean, "Les Soupirs de Plaisir"........

trans:  SIGHS OF PLEASURE.......

Because the real reason some of us go to France

and especially to Paris,

is because we REALLY just want to eat

like those other guys do 

yeah, those Frenchies......a whole life long......





Are you having any for the weekend?  Here's a link to a recipe that you might like:

Andrew Testa for The New York Times



  1. splendid comes to mind as the word for all this.... are these really all your photos MP? except for the last one?
    sophie x

  2. Is there any other reason than food to go to France? hum...
    Love the post! Have a lovely week end.

  3. Thanks to Sophie Munns, I have discovered you. Eye candy!!! Thanks you!

  4. oh happy weekend! i'm home from the mines!

    Mary - welcome and enjoy! And yes thanks to Sophie who is wonderful!

    Kenza - Oh you might have noticed I have many reasons! How much time do you have? But we can agree on the food just now.

    Sophie - yes mine! Glad you think so. And it's ok if you say the one of the teabags is the best. I am so in love with my new tea packaging. Now I totally get Mariage Freres! It tastes just as good as it looks, too!

  5. Look ... I had to come back to this post is so good... yes the one with the teabags is fabulous...
    love the syrup bottles for their remarkable colour and unique appearance and that pistachio flan is heaven... think these photos are so untouristic and unstyled for "the look"....but yet they have look I love.
    Also If i cant go on a plane myself to 'over there" then I want to see what I am missing ...not the obvious imagery you get everywhere...but the stuff that's everyday but uniquely indigenous and special... if you know what Im getting at!
    i cant get past that pistachio colour green - to think for years i never really noticed them!
    sophia x

  6. Great flavors of french food! The sirops were particularly interesting ... lavendar marshmallow flavor!? Only in France! There's a spot near the Pompidou that has the most amazing marshmallows de la maison...with flavors like cassis, pistache, fraise, was an awakening as I've never been able to eat the packaged stuff..