Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Truth, Justice, and the American Way

SO.   I do believe they've got me.  I have one more card to play tomorrow and if it fails me, I may be tied up for quite sometime.   Meanwhile let's pretend I do NOT have to go back to jury duty, that it's still summer, and that I have the whole month of August unfurling ahead of me, within which to laze, dawdle, and dream.  And let's pretend that I am still here, in a village in the Yvelines, just 55 minutes on the slow train from Paris, in the middle of wheat fields, oak forests, and blackberry brambles.

Yes let's!  Pretend.

Deep breaths.


Back to basics.

Just the breezes.

The buzzing of winged insects.

Shiver......................Sleep.  Hope all the rest of you are having a more carefree week!


  1. This is awful news MP!
    I realise someone's got to do it... but you must be sitting there thinking ...me? Really?
    what the .... are you going to be doing to the through the days. And how many days might we be talking?
    fingers are still crossed for you...
    Lap top allowed?
    talk soon,
    S x

  2. What beautiful photos ... the colors and light are both invigorating and restful at the same time! And so close to Paris!

    Bon Chance cette semaine!

  3. Ladies! Nice to see you and just call me JUROR NUMERO 3.

    Oh to be in that lovely countryside again. Yes Amusette it's quite close by and it is that aspect of France that I like just as much as I like everything that Paris has to offer. Just a couple stops beyond Versailles from the Gare Montparnasse! Imagine!

  4. The Yvelines is a beautiful and lush green village in France. It has enormous fields of wheat fields, oak forests, and blackberry brambles.
    The view is always so wonderful and refreshing with the delightful breakfast of blackberry jam is unforgettable.