Thursday, June 23, 2011

Friday Folie via Mes Petites Miscellanees

Actually I think I found the first picture below on Sophie's site (as well as the previous posts' mica) and then I was led to Mes Petites Miscellanees a blog and tumblr site that I ran into ages ago and have forgotten since.  Look what I've been missing:

I like the unexpected quality about all these images.

I'm making good progress on the kitchen.  Soon I'll have the walls completely painted, then I'll have to decide what to hang on them!  

Staying cool everybody?  Can't believe it's Friday already!  And almost the end of June!  Who's leaving on holiday?


  1. I discovered your blog and love it! I will return to read the posts, as much as possible!

  2. Tout va alors, les travaux, les jolies images à partager... Super. Un vrai plaisir de te rendre visite.

    Et oui, bientôt les vacances.

  3. Thanks for the visuals :^)

    Wishing you a happy weekend and a happy newly painted kitchen!

  4. These are incredible! You always have amazing finds! Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Les photos sont superbes, merci de nous les faire dé j'espère voir bientôt ta nouvelle cuisine...bon W-E

  6. Oh those ice cubes make me smile. :-) What a charming thing to do.