Sunday, February 26, 2012

But Then Again........The V&A

If you must have lousy weather.

The least you could do is be like England

and have somewhere to go in the rain

to meet


characters.  Original personalities.........

(he's made out of coat hangers!)

Oh yeah, and somewhere really cool for lunch!   Someplace like the V&A.  The "World's Greatest Museum of Art and Design".


  1. That last photo Mlle P .... fabulous!!!!!
    I did have lunch there not so long ago ands my photo...
    terrible! I'm awed! Loved this post!
    ps be in touch real soon!

  2. Ah, the good ol' V&A... always worth a visit!

    (Unrelated to the V&A, but in response to your recent comment on my bird post: I hope you've managed to divert the psycho squirrels away from your fairy lights?!)

  3. I agree one of the best Museums! Thanks for your kind comment. Tomorrow we fly back to Tashkent...