Tuesday, February 28, 2012

London Blues Buster - Borough Market

See?  Another post in solidarity with all those of you still shivering in the cold.  

Actually, I realized that these pics have been buried a bit in my I-files.  So I'm making it an English week.  Since I have no idea what the Corner View theme is this week.

Anybody up for a visit South of the River, to Borough Market, in London?

This is an especially festive place for a pre-Christmas visit.

It is a guaranteed blues busting outing.  As long as you are warm and dry, a little hungry, and feeling fresh.

Cause it's a shlep to south of the river!

But now that you've made it, how do you feel?

Having a Tiny Tim moment?  ("God Bless Us Everyone!")

Here in this land of plenty?

How often do you get to see brussels sprouts looking like this?

You will have plenty of options for stuffing your gob.  Most will be satisfying and warming.

And once out on the streets again.

It will be hard to ever see London

in the same way.......... again.


  1. Oh , amazing, I have been to some of these places! Thank you for taking me to London again! And Aaaaah: I see a 2CV in the background of one of your pics!! Why did I overlook that when I was there?!

  2. J'avais repéré aussi la 2ch aussi du stand de fromage...! ta dernière photo est superbe et je n'avais encore jamais vu une montagne de choux de Bruxelle sur un marché...!! merci pour la balade rafraîchissante...!

  3. Thank you for the virtual tour of Borough market.
    Yes, I am freezing, thanks for the comradery.

  4. These are great photos - I would like to visit London again - someday. :)

  5. I feel like I just took a vacation to London - thank you!

  6. That was so one of the best places I got to on my recent trip. I would have been indeed sad if I'd missed it...
    That braised duck dish ... i took a shot of that. People lined up in long queues for that one!
    Your photos a brilliant mlle p ... mine are a little sad by comparison... but the atmosphere the tastes... the sights... YES please!

    by the way... deadline yesterday... today I could breathe again and also look at my emails... some owing!

  7. oh, is that boat open again? nah, that's not greenwich, is it?
    but cheers anyway.
    like i was strolling the very streets, cold-inclusive...