Wednesday, February 22, 2012

So Much Aloha. And It Came to Pass.

Remember this Corner View post here?

Well yes, it has come to pass.  The auspicious new beginning.

A door has closed on our life in Paradise.  Happily it closed with alot of aloha.

These are bits of it, left a little around the house.  Perfuming our new life, with maile and tuberrose.

Photo, styling Johanna Flyckt at Vintage

Ever noticed how Hindu Gods wear leis too?  Maybe they know something about Aloha.


  1. Mow you've really got me guessing here Mlle p
    ....Vas ist das?
    a door closed?
    your curating comment ... xo

  2. ps... congrats on having a comment box that does not ask you to 'prove you're not a robot'...
    i can barely make out these words... driving me crazy too!

  3. That yellow, green and deepest-russety-red lei photo is very beautiful indeed!
    Like Sophie I'm intrigued! And a little confused/concerned...?
    I'm sure you will reveal all :) and in the meantime I'll enjoy your always wonderful collection of images.
    Hope you're having a fine weekend! sx