Wednesday, September 12, 2012

An Arty Place - Barnsdall Park

Where is this?

A breezy hill overlooking East Hollywood and across to the whole of the Hollywood Hills.

From this vantage point you have a direct view to Frank Lloyd Wright's crumbling Ennis House.

There is a museum of Contemporary Art

And a center for art making.

Mostly for kids.

It's a lovely place.  What's the best part about it?  Art making out of doors!

The art center also shares the hill with Frank Lloyd Wright's Hollyhock House.  It is owned by the City of Los Angeles and is in the midst a lengthy and much needed refurbishing.  More about it here soon.

Hope everyone is having a good week!  Making any art yourselves?


  1. Love popping in here for a view into some great places you find.
    In Sydney at the moment... very quick trip + little time to explore or get out the camera... so glad that you always seem to make that time my friend!

  2. I'm still around and still visiting. you photos are just so wonderful. I hope all is well. K

  3. Thx to both - nice to hear from you both!

    I loaded this someone else's computer and obviously that worked so well! Will try again shortly. Xoxo

  4. Un lieu très riche. J'avoue que j'aimerais assez séjourner sous les arbres... pour rêver à tout ce que chacun peut créer...