Thursday, September 27, 2012

Johanna Flyckt - My Very Favorite Photographer

of the moment.......

She is a photographer and "homes" stylist who is (I think!) Swedish.  (Despite watching lots of Maria Wurm, Martin Beck and Wallander on KCET in LA lately, I still cannot tell the difference between Swedish and Danish).   Here is the link to her blog, Vintage - Johanna Flyckt.  Which I've posted here before.

There is always just a little element of something very surprising in her photos.  Her style stays fresh, it alters slightly from time to time, but an elegance and an impulse for investigation is consistent and evident throughout.  L-O-V-E!

So I'm sharing these lovely photos with you cause I have about 1000 photos from my UK visit of the last two weeks. And frankly, having been very lazy for most of that time, I am loathe to work on them.  Just thinking about editing them makes my fingers hurt!

But just so you know, I met a nice sheep, and she licked me.  London was full of refugees from the Middle East.  The Olympics park was closed to the public - sadly because I wanted to visit the Olympic meadow.  Design Week was on. There were at least two antiques fairs on.  Fashion Week was on.  There were MODELS in the streets.  Mr. Paradis realized that they must be on "See-gos".  He obviously does not watch enough "Americas Next Top Model".  (Which he obviously thinks I watch too much of!)

Actually we came back with a model on the plane (and her comedian boyfriend).  She is blonde and has gap teeth in front, and is not too skinny but very healthy looking.  Of course she was carrying a giant orange Hermes Birkin bag.  (Have you EVER seen anyone carry a Birkin bag that they actually lock up?  I haven't!)

Do you know who I am talking about?  Do you care about these things?  I think that I don't care too much, but I like to know what is going on in the world.  I can talk about serious things too, as I think you know.  So.....just watch this space!

Oh and p.s., the Duchess of Cambridge was very much in the news.  (Can you tell I'm still trying to indulge my "vacation brain"?)

But let's be clear here.  Unlike SOME PEOPLE I did NOT spend my summer vacation lying around in a pricey Provencal villa, you know......  Like HER!   

I might be too old for that.


  1. i don't care about that specific thing you mentioned, so it was UK after all, and so you did have a lovely time... ? good for you's!!

    and thank you for pointing out the scandinavian star photographer. i agree with your synopsis.

    let's see the olympic area is open to the public in a few months time, i'll keep you posted, but i somehow think it won't be.

  2. J'aime beaucoup le desing scandinave et merci pour la découverte du blog Vintage... je viens d'y passer un très bon moment...! et j'espère bientot voir des photos de ton séjour à Londres...

  3. ok, i knew which dutchess you were referring to, but i don´t know which model :)

    Hmm .. and the interior decorator/ photographer is swedish, but i really don´t know who maria wurm is?