Thursday, September 6, 2012

In Mostly Black and White

I'm always surprised when September comes.

 (Photo: Emily Hadden via All the Mountains)

Because it always RAINS!

(Source unknown this and following pic - sorry!) 

right on schedule.

 Even in southern California.

So here's a post steeped in grisaille.

Have I already posted this cobbley street with its ragged trees?

(can't for the life of me figure out where I found this one and the one pic below)

We must be terribly clever human beings after all these years

to cue our calendars right up alongside the caprices of Nature.

(Photo: Robert Frank)

Because now that it's September, it's hard to imagine that Mother Nature could possibly know

that a human calendar page has been turned, and with it, the summer sandals left behind

(via Iloverainandcoffee tumblr also below)

and heavier, gloomy foul weather gear pulled out of cabinets and closets.

As I sat.  Posting this post.  Big fat drops of rain fell hard on my keyboard.

And Los Angeles was covered in dark clouds.  How does that happen?  Couldn't we fool Mother Nature into thinking that it's still summer a little while longer?


  1. époustouflant tout ça!!! le grenier est ex tra or di naire!
    Merci my dear pour ce coup d'oeil réconfortant, belle journée à toi! béatrice

  2. The sun is (still) shining in Amsterdam... if that's any consolation ;)
    (and hopefully the rain helps to dampen the wildfires?)

    An intriguing collection of images - fun viewing. Thank you!

    Hope you have a splendid weekend, with lots of late summer sunshine!

  3. J'adore le portrait de chat... encore de très jolies découvertes... et A Paris le soleil et la chaleur sont de retour...J'espère pour toi aussi un très beau Week-end. Bises

  4. wonderful post, like a gallery, the images you gather here...