Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Farringdon to Shoreditch - Part Two, I Mean, Destinations

You are HERE.  On Clerkenwell Road.  (But not for long.)

  (At the Hat and Feathers Pub.)  ALL PARTIES ARE CATERED FOR.

Even more so at the BOOK CLUB, Leonard St., which IS open on a Sunday.

(this pic via Matador here)

And tho' apparently chill in the daytime, is churning and chock-a-block at night, with a dancefloor downstairs.  If you need to chase some blues away.

More of the East End's surprising kinds of living:  don't forget to LOOK UP!

And don't be afraid to look in.

Remember my post about the Boundary here?  This is the Albion upstairs.  Also open Sunday.   Their baked goods are the biz!

The famous or infamous Redchurch St....... Today at The Gallery a pop-up art space for rent, right across the street from an urban mosque..... London Loves L.A.   On the Sunday that I visited: an impromptu block party, lamb roast and pizza purveying......What might you find?  Let me know as and when!

Loungelover.  Check out the website.  It's fun!  Brought to you by the Trois Garcons guys.  Couldn't you tell?  Because sometimes you have to live life a little over-the-top

Sober, earnest, reliable and yes, still hip!  Labour and Wait.

The other side of the Lounge Lover Paradise.  Still scratching your head?  It's a pub!

O.K.?  In America this NEVER would happen.  No.  We would not advertise housing, using an image of a female seated with her legs spread.  It would offend both the Puritans AND the Feminists in us.  But England, you know, contrary to some impressions, is kind of a happy go-lucky place.  Or, well, fundamentally......IRREVERENT.  What do you think?  IS it cool to advertise real estate.  LIKE THIS?

Oui.  Ca bouge.  At the pop-up Box Park.  (Pub with outdoor seating inclusive.)  Sunshine only intermittent.  Shopping, in case you haven't done any in the last 20 min.  Open Sunday.

It would be hard to miss, if (instead of walking over to Shoreditch from Farringdon, like yours truly) you just popped onto this street right out of the (shiny new Shoreditch) station.

All that walking, and too much excitement?  A cool but not cold bevvy (in England, that's a good thing if that bevvy's a beer)  The Owl and the Pussycat might be just the thing.

For "Farringdon to Shoreditch Part One" click here.


  1. thanks again, you're the best tour guide! i must come back here before i set sail in december...

  2. Was thinking of you today friend...
    How fun to be taken back to London... your views are the go I must say...my feet don't get tired this way. those ridiculous long plane trips do put me off and of course funds ... that's just as well at the moment!
    Now I'm off to read more posts... so long as I dont get too enticed into wanting to go back there...!

  3. J'adore regarder tes photos qui nous montrent des lieux et des atmosphères sympas. Tu es un très bon guide :)

  4. Hello! Have just emerged from a tour of architectural salvage, pub and lounge websites, courtesy of your links. Great posts!

  5. Things have been so hectic this year, I've been behind on reading blogs this year so I've only just read this, but I can't believe you were literally just down the road from me!! The Boundary is at the end of my street. Next time you MUST stop by for tea x