Sunday, October 21, 2012

Westland is EAST - London Shopping

This post is for YOU

if you're the kind of person who brings vans

  and hauling equipment along with you 

when you are having a day out shopping.

Or better, if you are one of those clever people

who always has a card in your pocket

with the name of a cheap and reliable moving man on it.

This post is for you, if you die for peacock blue staircases,

proper pointy chimney pots and slightly distressed delft tiled fireplaces......If a slightly over-the-top 

Downton Abbey-ish early Edwardian lifestyle is your idea of a proper kind of living.

Westland for salvaged architectural treasures on Leonard St. in the East End could make many of your dearest dreams come true.


  1. Barocco!barocco! j'aime l'aération des fenêtre! belle journée chère xoxo.

  2. i'm a lover of all those, i confess...
    i'll remember that, leonard street!

  3. Wow.... how could spend forever in london find amazing places...!