Monday, November 26, 2012

London Design Week at the Conran Shop Morphs into Christmas

Now that Thanksgiving is over (how was yours, anyway?), can I get all art-ey and designer-ey on you?

Here are some pics I've been saving up of the Conran Shop in London

during Design Week in September.  For awhile there, it seemed like the Conran Shop

had lost a little of its pop, snap and zing.  (After Priscilla Carluccio left it to start her own place, short-lived, sadly.)

But on the day of these photos, this temple to design was back in all it's brilliance.

With even, the great man himself, Sir Terence in evidence (we tip-toed past him in awe, with sneaking backward glances).  I've posted about these fabulous Sue Binns ceramics before.  You can't think in terms of buying kitchen ware.....they are far too have to buy them for yourself for a special occasion and think in terms of INVESTING IN ART!

OH MAN this gleamy all-in-one kitchen island made my heart pitter-patter.  But I would not want to be the slavey with the constant job of keeping it's shine impeccably bright and finger-print free.  Still........

A big development in London, the Conran Shop is not the only place where you'd be able to find these wonderful creatures from Boutique Petit Pan Paris but it might be the most FUN place to purchase them from.

Love their otherworldly quality, and the genius of their underlying structure.

So, oh!  Christmas is coming.  If I lived in London, or Paris, Tokyo or New York......I'd be heading over to the Conran Shop to see what kind of goodies I could find to make me as a Christmas Holidays guest, or Christmas Holidays hostess.....just a little extra "distinguee" in December.  On the other is cyber Monday and there is something called on-line shopping.

Just an idea.  I'm not a big shopper, but if I must, the Conran Shop never fails to be at the top of my list of Happy Places.


  1. J'aime les têtes d'animaux Petit Pan. Elles sont très poétiques.

  2. Ohhh goodies... I want a Sue Binns cup. Let's go shopping!!!

  3. Merci pour la découverte de Petit Pan... Une jolie sélection d'objet et les trophées sont superbes...! bonne journée

  4. Beautiful colours in this post (like most of your posts!)... and I LOVE those creature lights! (Just popped over - virtually, of course - to Boutique Petit Pan Paris to have a look... hm, will have to start saving up! ;)

  5. Je ne fête pas Thanksgiving, mais j'aime beaucoup la période qui suit si elle doit se poursuivre dans ces décors là !

  6. the lamps really do look stunning... i've never been to the conran, ever.
    i can't believe it, yet, on the other hand, i might be a tad prejudiced about the price tags and feel insulted from time to time. i do love the outside of the south kensington building already!! ;)))