Thursday, November 8, 2012

Restaurant Recommendation: Terroirs, London

It won't be out of your way.

It's within a few very short blocks of the Covent Garden and Embankment Tube stops.

Hard by the National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, Trafalgar Square and St. Martin in the Fields.

The prices are gentle, the food is impeccably fresh.

The bread is crunchy, just a little chewy - and moist.

The staff are young, friendly and on top of your order.

I guarantee you, you will clean your plate!

And for afters, there are pubs close by!  TERROIRS on King William IV Street.  More here.

It is possibly the very best restaurant value in London.  It's new, so go soon while they're still endeavoring to impress! If you aren't eating there this weekend, I hope you're going somewhere good!  



  1. Dès le matin, tu me donnes envie de découvrir ce belle endroit...!

  2. OH! ça semble bon et beau tout ça! bon we à toi

  3. terroirs! have jottted it down. will let you know. :)))

  4. SIgh!
    Looks fab. As does the previous few posts I just tracked across to. Wonderful pics friend.... inspiring.
    London calls!