Friday, November 30, 2012

And I Think to Myself.........

Sorry for all the blog negligence this week!  We have a bit of a situation here, I've run out of storage space.....and I have the impression that I'm not the only one out there in the blog world who's run into this problem.  I tried to delete old posts and pics with no immediate improvement and my tech support has been otherwise occupied.  Meanwhile, I had already been ruminating on possible format changes, maybe even moving to tumblr with less talk, more pictures.  What do you think?  Meanwhile here are some older images which I've not used yet.......and hope you enjoy............






world.  (All images via Sophie Munns' aka "wonderful eye" SeedCapsules)

You can finish this post with Louis Armstrong maybe:

And speaking of Henri Matisse, is anyone headed to New York soon?  The New York Times gave an effusive review of the new "Matisse, In Search of True Painting" show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art thru March.  Details here.

*******Happy Weekend Everybody!*******


  1. I bet you'll be seeing the Matisse show at the MET... I would love to see that show!

    I never heard of this "storage space" issue. Curious thing... Hope it resolves itself soon.

    By the way, you're a gifted writer. Don't leave out the text - if you stopped writing it would be a sad day for us! XX

  2. i remember that happening, it was a bleak day. i may have reacted a bit like you, but do you want to go hunting in the past and select whatever it is you do not wish to keep? i decided to write down to a yearly fee of just a few dollars, in order to be able to add more pictures, and not lose the old stuff... (in the end, i'd gotten the blogger interface for free already, like all of us, so i could subscribe with a kind heart).

    i am very much intrigued by your first image here. right up my street! is it by sophie, or via?

  3. So sorry about your storage issue! Grrr, that must be so frustrating. I hope you can get it resolved very soon. XO

  4. Merci pour ces belles images dont l'association est vraiment très intéressante. Matisse est mon peintre préféré, j'ai vu dernièrement une expo à Paris, c'est vraiment merveilleux... et je regretterai beaucoup les textes, meme si j'ai besoin du traducteur pour les lire...! Bon WE

  5. I opened another page so I could play Armstrong whilst writing a comment MP!.
    Tis wonderful!
    Sorry i didn't pop by for a happy thanksgiving greeting last week... hope it was a goodie!
    Oh... computers. have been visiting he apple store with both computers of late... and everything that I own seems to have been needing overhaul of some kind. Good luck... know how all that stuff can put the kibosh (?) on getting things happening.
    Ha... dont know whats stored away on seed capsules.. but... gee thanks for visiting!
    So appreciate you patiently trying to validate comments... really has thrown my patience...but having been spammed quite a bit on blogs i don't like to invite trouble!
    Always a pleasure to visit you over here... even if I fell bad for having to read three blog posts at once to catch up.

  6. so wish I could go to see that Matisse show... will read the review.
    Did you read the Hilary Spurling biographies... during a phase i seemed to be reading a lot years ago... waded through them avidly devouring fascinating details. I heart matisse very much!

  7. Oh, what a wonderful world indeed!
    Hope you can quickly resolve your storage issues - I know it must be very frustrating (I wish I could offer some helpful advice but not being a Blogger user I have no idea how they run their show! I'm a WordPress gal ;)
    Also, I'm not very familiar with how Tumblr works, but I second Janis's comment that it would be a great loss to us if you stopped including text - I love reading your words! Also, in my experience Tumblr doesn't seem to offer much opportunity to comment/open a discussion, just to 'like' or 'reblog' or 'share' or whatever the options are in Tumblr-land (and presumably in order to do any of those things one would have to be a Tumblr user oneself??). Although I'm not the world's most voracious commenter I would miss the opportunity to leave comments (Tumblr may be a lot more user-friendly than I have found it to be… and if so I'm happy to stand corrected!).

  8. thank you for the music and the beautiful images ... hope you find a solution soon :)

  9. Moi aussi je rencontre ce problème de stockage, alors je vais sur picasa web et je supprime des images, ça marche, je t'embrasse fort ma chère Miss, passe une belle journée

  10. in reply to you;
    i come back here, it was a tad easier, and more colourful than my plain old e-mail composer.
    like a child, i am now on the seven-day-sleeps-till-travel-buzz. it's starting to snow here, and i should not want to begin to tell you how bordering on madness my last winter visit to london happened (and nearly did not at all, because those eurostar trains... are they made of steel or paper?).
    anyway. i keep my hopes up, always.
    did is say i was going to try to blog at night? i did, didn't i?
    well, i've done it again.