Thursday, December 6, 2012

Read This Now

Still a little up in the air.....

(Photo: via  ChutJeReve tumblr)

but I did just want to say.....ThaNk You ! to everybody for your nice comments from the last post and the tip from Beatrice about storage.  Yes, it's true, I had to delete some photos from Picasa and a couple of posts from 2009 in order to squeeze this little picture in.  I have yet to settle on a long term strategy - I am a little loathe to fall for that old paying-extra-for-storage-space routine.  I mean, where does it end?  It's like your cable bill, the numbers only go up and up.  And one's dependence seems never to wane.  I want to say "NO!NOW! - before it gets any harder to push the metaphorical plate away.

I did want to pop this quick post out into cyberspace now though, before it's too late -

Suzanne, at Sakura Snow is closing her Etsy shop for the season tomorrow (Friday) evening.  Quick!  If you love her macho-tender blend of Aubrey Beardsley and African-graphic style of prints you should hop over there and get yourself or someone you dearly love a magical sea animal or whimsical land-beast.  They are go--o--o--o--r-geous!!!  My own owl arrived at my house last week.  And it is huge!  (Meaning exceedingly reasonably priced.)  You won't regret it.  

And while you're there, give Suzanne a little love and wish her a Happy Christmas.  I think she's off on another adventure.  The pictures it will produce I'm already very keenly  anticipating.  

OK, it's been a busy week over here in Paradis.  (Did I mention I've had an iris blooming on my deck for the last fortnight?)   So I'll say HAPPY WEEKEND for the moment and hope to come back very soon with all my existential blog-issues resolved.

xoxoxo -  (How are your holiday plans coming along?)


  1. Oh, merci surtout à toi pour ces moments d'évasion ;) au Paradis !

  2. Mlle Paradis! You're very kind - thank you!
    I'm very happy indeed that you like your owl so, and also that I know he has gone to such a good home :)

  3. Don't disappear, (though you're right don't pay extra either) but find a way to carry on. Good luck MP... I wish I could help though I'm too baffled to offer you advise on blogger problems!

    Love those stray buds that appear in winter. Hello little iris!

    Have a happy weekend. XO

  4. I'm so glad you were able to post at least ONE lovely picture. :-) That's something!!! My holiday plans are on hold at the moment. I'm just too tired and need to rest this weekend. :-) I think Christmas movies and Christmas music are sufficient for now. :-)