Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I Feel So Embarassed

It's a week til Christmas.  And I have not taken any Christmas pictures for you around L.A.!!!!!!!!!!  Despite best intentions.

I tried last week.  This (above) was the paltry result.  It's been all about errands in the car.  And cleaning

(I left some ornaments much like this sitting in my Mother's garage because they wouldn't fit in the car when I moved to NYC.  I haven't stopped regretting it.)

the house from top to bottom.  We're having company on Sunday and I've rearranged all the furniture.  I had a nice Christmas lunch last Thursday, and a loooovely Christmas skype with a girlfriend.  We bought a new festive colors.  And I'm failing at getting new groovy glasses by Christmas.

I'm making tons of cookies - which will be very bad for my waistline and nether regions.  Some will look something like this.  And others will be inspired by this place:

The tree is teeny, in a giant vase near a door.   I haven't gotten lights on it yet......

There are no presents wrapped yet - though several came over my fence yesterday.  I just HOPE they are not broken!  (Heartless UPS man, you!)

How nice if they were to look like this, though.  I don't know what I'm wearing Sunday night yet.  And my bangs need a trim!

(First pic and this above, yours truly.  Most others, Inspired by Tamar!)

But I am thinking of you, I am.  And hoping your Christmas preparations are going well.  (I mean, better than mine!) If it's not complete pandemonium, I'll take pictures and show you after.  Meanwhile, all the cookies are in the freezer at the moment.

And yourselves??????  Making or planning anything special?  Let me know?

OK fingers crossed, Google let's me upload these and post.  AFTER Christmas, I'll figure a whole new thing out!

Christmas kisses poppets!


  1. oh my ... you sound very busy. hope you manage though and make time to enjoy too :)

    A christmas hug.

  2. Oh I love that Paticceria! Have a wonderful Christmas and thanks for these photos full of color and joy!

  3. De jolies images, douces et apaisantes pour démarrer la journée...! Je te souhaite de bon préparatif et de très belles fêtes de Noel.. chaleureuses et conviviales...!

  4. C'est la fête ! Merci ! De belles images pour rêver aux quelques jours de trêve qui arrivent ;)

  5. Embarrassed? Please, don't be... I love the photos, they're very jingle bell-y!

    By the way, that UPS person needs a scolding. He deserves the popeye stink eye...WHY I OUGHTA!

    Happy merry making my friend! XO

  6. So much happiness in your plans and photos! :-) I love that you're making too many cookies. I hope that I can do that starting tomorrow. :-)

  7. funny you should mention bangs.
    i didn't half cut mine on my stay in london.
    the mood took me by surprise... the wash basin full, of course...