Sunday, December 9, 2012

Situational December

As you know already,

we've had a couple SITUATIONS ovah here

at Passage Paradis.  One of them has involved squirrels.  (More on this soon.)  Have I mentioned how much I love L.A.? Yesterday I saw a coyote napping in the grass right next door to a group of golfers teeing up at Griffith Park.   (For the second time!)  Do you golf?  Would that put you off your game?

I don't play golf.  Tennis instead.  And so far I haven't met up with any rattlesnakes on my tennis courts.  But that doesn't mean that it doesn't happen.  I'll let you know.  As and when.


  1. My cat observes your squirrel very intensly… poor indoor cat! warm greetings from Paris!

  2. A coyote so close to civilization?! Amazing. :-) SO glad you haven't run into any snakes. That would be dreadful. I haven't seen any on our property yet this season, and I will be more than happy for it to stay that way. :-)

  3. Je crois que je n'ai jamais vu à quoi ressemble un coyote...! et à Paris, pas d'animaux en liberté sauf quelques pigeons dans les jardins publiques...! et ni tennis, ni golf...mais de nombreuses balades à pied...!

  4. I would look odd playing tennis or golf in my doc martens, so I won't go there... Keep your eyes open and avoid the rattle snakes MP!!!

  5. I would love to take up tennis again ... tried golf but was not hooked ... and hmmm would not like to meet either of the animals :)