Wednesday, January 29, 2014

David Hockney. WOW.

From my weekend before last in San Francisco:

Big was no kidding.  (At the De Young in San Francisco.  Just closed.)

The range and the scope and the virtuosity, the volume of work

in the exhibit was just amazing.  So sorry I can't show you pictures of the colossally scaled Yorkshire

landscape oil paintings and videos that were the main attraction.  Photography was not allowed.

And I probably should not even be posting these works

from Hockney's 2004 book, Hockney's Pictures, The Definitive Retrospective which were part of the show.  

He is an artist who is fully and always engaged in the act of seeing and wants to bring us all along for the ride.  If you saw his shows at the Royal Academy and Bilbao in the last years, you'll know what I'm talking about.  But this exhibit comprised many additional works.

Judging the reaction of the other visitors to this show, seeing (and mark-making which was one of the outstanding qualities of the work) are NOT out of fashion.  Even in the old US of A.  Cheers to that!


  1. Un petit aperçu très intéressant...Je ne suis jamais allé à Bilbao, encore un endroit que j'aimerai aussi découvrir avec San Francisco... merci de me donner toutes ses envies de voyages à faire dans le futur.. Pour l'instant il faut que je travaille mon anglais...
    Bonne soirée

  2. Lucky you!!! I would have been interested for 2 things: the David Hockney exhibition and San Francisco! :)

  3. i saw a documentary on hockney a good year ago. i wasn't impressed by the artist at first, and then the man, and his work, kind of grew on me. i needed to uncover him, before i could get it. it was special, and to see the work for real would be so awesome. n♥