Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Windows on Another World

So yes, the Paradis family were in Blighty again, this Xmas.

(Dolce and Gabbana, Bond Street)

It was blustery, and we slept quite late most days.

(The Conran Shop, South Kensington)

So we spent much of our time in the dark.  Or inside.

(Butcher Shop, Fulham Road)

Even though the London was churning with Italian (!) tourists, the dark made it peaceful, intimate, cozy.

Christmas week has changed so much over the years.  London used to shut down completely and even those who had gone off to family homes/heaps for the Christmas and Boxing Day often used to hole up in rented cottages with their "chums" until the New Year, or well into it, depending on the day the holiday fell.  This year London was bustling. Why? Because of the sales?  The economy?

The museums were the highlight for us this year.  In every way possible.  More on that soon!

OK, so what's your plan for 2014?!  Anybody want to share?


  1. I thought I had wished Happy New Year to you on your other post but no!
    Alors je te souhaite une "Bonne année & bonne santé pour 2014" :)

  2. Des projets pour 2014.... sauter dans l'Eurostar et passer quelques jours à Londres où je ne suis jamais allée.. enfin faire des efforts pour parler aussi une petite virée à Amsterdam au musée Vang gogh...Voilà pour mes petites envies de début d'année
    Bon WE

  3. like i said.... ;)))
    let's meet.