Friday, February 7, 2014

Cornelia Donovan, Painter, Printmaker, Dreamweaver

Do you know her?

Here's her website.

I've been meaning to share these images with you for ages.

Do you like them?

Does it make you feel like getting out your paints?

There's a lovely, folkloric mystery about them, don't you think?

So, a little something I thought I'd share with you this weekend.  Sorry it's a bit late.  HAVE A GREAT ONE!


  1. COUCOU! j'aime bien la démarche de cet artiste! Je t'embrasse ma petite Miss Paradis! xoxo!

  2. Have not been in the land of blogs for quite a while ... so glad i popped over and didn't miss this... superb mp!
    really gorgeously painterly and maketh one want to get out the paints NOW!
    big hello to you!

  3. Merci pour le partage. J'aime beaucoup et cela me donne envie de sortir pinceaux et crayons... je trouve qu'il y a un petit coté matisse... que j'aime beaucoup... bon dimanche XOXO

  4. Hellooo, I hope life is treating you very well!
    Yes, I do like them... and their wonderful, luminous colours!!

  5. They are very folksy and delightful. :-)

  6. it makes me happy to find folky stuff on your blog, i am a lover of it too. each time i see it, i feel it. yet, in life i keep forgetting, it is weird. i've yet to discover so much still, like, inside, you know? i love the links you share, these works talk to me, as do the artists. cheers, n♥