Sunday, February 9, 2014

Where Oh Where Have I Been?

Yup, the Paradis family has just been in NYC.

We managed to catch a couple snowstorms.

The City That Never Sleeps dug right out and got moving again.  

And again.  But not really, on their bikes.

Who knew that so many people in Mid-town rode bikes?  We are right next to Carnegie Hall...really?  You ride bikes guys, with your cellos?

So thoughtful of someone to leave out their "self-snowing" tree for us Angelenos who missed out on the full seasonal effects over Christmas.

Now you know you're in NYC - steam stacks!  What is the deal with those things?  I've never known.

That's the new "Freedom Tower" in the background.  It's prettier than the World Trade Towers.  But not so tall or inspiring.  Sigh.  It's a different world now, isn't it?

More on NYC soon.  Yes, I'm glad to be warm in L.A. again!


  1. Wow! You did catch a lot of snow! :-)

  2. I'm sure you would be able to see bikers with cellos on their back in Copenhagen ... and in snow :D

  3. You know what ... I miss the snow !! Here "winter" is already over and the fans are on ...

  4. Pas encore de neige à Paris c'est hiver... merci pour ces jolies photos insolites... et j'attend avec impatience d'autres photos de NY