Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Crazy Colorful Corners of the World via Etxekodeco

I've been getting a new roof this week - who knew there would be so many extra jobs

involved with home improvements OUTSIDE?

Also trying to make some progress on spec-ing out the next project.

So no original pics from me.

These beauties came instead

Just in case you didn't get

enough color

If I were ever to get an invitation to any of these homes,

I'd be rushing straight to the airport

with my bags packed!   Anybody coming with me?


  1. Of course, I come with you!!! :)
    N°2 and 9 are my favorite...

  2. oh yes. I would love to. And I wonder where you find all those gorgeous pics too :)

  3. ha, so wonderful, so inspiring! n♥