Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend in the U.S.

Here's what we've been eating:

I added Grand Marnier flavored whipped cream (no sugar in the whipped cream), a dusting of powdered sugar on the waffles, with maple syrup -

to this recipe.  YUM!

How would you eat them?


  1. Wow....the Grand Marnier flavored whipped must be so tasty.... ;)
    Bonne semaine !

  2. Oh my. :-) Yes, yes I would eat these. No problem at all. :-)

  3. the way that you're having them here sounds perfect, especially the non sweetened cream, i'm a fan of non sweetenend. and the booze in it, naturally... ;)))
    coming back to your questions; have not seen the drama you mentioned, but did catch the end of the last but one 'happy valley', by accident, and i felt the 'grippiness'. must look that up, you think? 'prey' i don't seem to be famiiar with. you'll tell me about it, when time is on your side?
    (i smile, for look at us, settling dates to write... what are we like? ... )