Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dream House - Venice Home and Garden Tour 2014

La-La LA-LA-LA!!!!!  I fell in love

I don't think I was the only one.

But really, if there is such a thing as Heaven, I would be the most deserving one at the Pearly Gate.

Please believe me, whosoever Thou might be who makes those Big Decisions.  I need this kitchen. those windows.

I am truly the ONE for this little nook alongside the Fireplace.  Someone who will appreciate and actually READ all those cookbooks piled on the (so ME!) vintage scales.  Those white dishes, just my style, so simply stacked.  (In Heaven there are NO earthquakes - note to Self and God!)

Those shiny white tiles: I'm a humble person, they suit me down to the ground, I don't need no "tumbled" anything or fancy color combos. What can be more pleasing than plain shiny white tiles in full sense-surround at stove side?????  (In Heaven, the grout lines don't turn gray, you don't actually HAVE to eat, the marble surrounds don't get spattered and Sriracha stained.  The cheese-baked-on to Le Creuset gratin dishes will wash themselves.)

This is the kind of house that turns up in decorating magazines.  For people who can afford beach houses.  I can't, and so I don't usually like such houses, or really such magazines.  But for this house, I can make an exception.

Because of it's swimming costume theme.  (And the kitchen.)

And its roll-top, claw footed, perfectly green-stripe accented bathtub with a banana tree just outside the window.

If this house were mine in Heaven, there would be angels at my table.  (Can you see their wings glimmering in the beachy light?)

I would make pastries for them.  Puff-pastry.  Encasing perfectly de-boned tiny game birds.  Set out on Fiesta ware. (Which you can't see in the glass-in cupboard but I know it's there, as it will be when I get to Heaven.)

Dishes will wash themselves so that I can just spend my non-entertaining days running my fingers over these smoothly immaculate surfaces.

My Ohana, Duke Kahanamoku will be waiting for me there.  In the HAWAIIAN ROOM.  With all those nice cushions. Aaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!  

I love being in love.  It's HEAVENLY.

(Yes, the house is a vacation rental:  You can find it here.  It sleeps ten.  You might need ALL those friends, or a lottery ticket, to cover a weeks rent.  But you probs won't regret it.  It is steps from the beach.)


  1. oh, I like this house very much too :)

  2. Oh my lands! What a gorgeous place. The light is exquisite and I'm utterly swooning over that sink and the orange le Creuset pans. :-)

  3. J'aime beaucoup aussi : la cuisine, la salle de bain et la déco !