Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I'm A Little Bit All Over the Place At the Moment

My new little shed is being raised.  I'm in a writing class.  And I'm supposed to finish three paintings in the next ten days!

and remember?

It's planting season in L.A.!

I HAD to take a break though last weekend to search for some


for my studio shed.

You can ask me how badly I wanted to buy other things.

Answer: Very, very badly!


will never get old.....

EVER.  Where I'm concerned.

The beauty just jumps out at you!  And you want to grab a piece of it.  No?

(Where have I been shopping?  Silver Lake Salvage and Eric's Salvage both on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.)


  1. i hope the writing class is working out for you, claudia. and busy you are!! well, you know, you do need a break from all that hard 'heady' work, and so shopping is the best possible remedy... did you find your doors then? n♥

  2. J'ai vu plein de trucs qui me plaisaient dans tes photos...dommage que L.A. soit si loin.... :)

  3. I am with you…old never gets old…for sure…